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Pecorino has been introduced at a second stage within the Casalfarneto portfolio. With the construction of the new cellar in 2005, and the increased capacity of the winery, we decided to expand our production towards the major varieties of the Region: Pecorino, Passerina and Lacrima. For doing so we are making a long-term rental of 11 hectares in the area of Offida and Castignano where our technical staff follows all agronomic and winemaking stages.

Pecorino is a newly rediscovered grape, once forgotten because of the low yield that characterize this varietal. In the 70’s it was found around a farmhouse at 800 meters a.s.l. and soon replanted fur further studies; the first ever vintage made with this grape dates back only to 1994, a very young grape with a great potential still to be discovered. The legend says that its name derives from the transhumance history, which is still common in our Region: during the hot summer months the shepherds bring their sheep (in Italian language “pecore”) on the mountains to feed them with green pastures, where the Pecorino grape was also growing naturally. So we could translate Pecorino as the grape of the sheep.

Casalfarneto Pecorino Falerio 'Quirico' 2023

  • Region: Marche


    Appellation: Falerio


    Wine Type: White Wine


    Varietal(s): 100% Pecorino


    Alc %: 13%


    In the Glass: Pale straw yellow with green hues. Characteristic citrusy and tropical fruit notes, such as clementine, mango and pineapple, but also stone fruit and hintsof herbaceous notes such as sage. Balanced, good acidity, round, thick mouthfeel. Flavors of white peach, lemon and pear. Slightly mineral finish.


    Food Pairings: Pairs well with shellfish and seafood dishes, white sauce pasta and risotto, poultry dishes, young soft cheeses.

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