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In 2018, within the project of a whole company restructuring that we called “Secondo Tempo” (= “second half”, like in a football game), we launched two new products that differed from our traditional wine production: a white and a red Vermouth. These kind of products show our commitment to explore new path which follow the modern times, but at the same time remaining anchored to our mission of pushing onward the experimentation with the Verdicchio grape. In fact, by law min. 75% of the Vermouths have to be wine, and in order to elevate their quality we decided to use our DOC Verdicchio to add them complexity and ageing potential.


Verdicchio is one of the noble grapes of Italy, often called “the Chablis of Italy” (cit. Jansis Robinson) due to its minerality, complexity and great ageing potential, in some cases up to 25 years.

Casalfarneto Vermouth Rosso NV

  • Region: Marche


    Wine Type: Red Wine Vermouth


    Varietal(s): 75% Verdicchio, plus other ingredients, including: sugar 10%, alcohol 6%, water 5%, natural extracts of herbs and spices 4% (Artemisia min. 50%, then mint, nutmeg, cloves, anis, cinnamon, cinchona, natural caramel)


    Alc %: 18%


    In the Glass: Amber in color. Intensily balsamic nose with a complex bouquet of the spices and herbs used in the recipe. At first sip it shows a nice balsamic freshness, it’s very rich and warm on the palate, where the Verdicchio Doc wine base brings a great structure, with a very long spicy finish.


    Food Pairings: Perfect as an after-dinner where you can serve it simply with ice and orange peel. It’s mostly used with Negroni, Manhattan or Americano style cocktails, but it can also be added to many cocktails where it adds up a nice balsamic and spicy complex note.