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Chiaretto is the sibling of our Bardolino.  It is today the wine that represents us the most both in Italy and abroad.  It is a young wine, our third sister full of energy and enthusiasm to grow, she is the one that shows us that we have a pink future. 


If Bardolino is the wine that has made our name known in Italy, Chiaretto is the sibling that for 13 years now  represents us around the world,  a wine that likes to travel far to USA, Australia and China in particular.

Marchesini Chiaretto 2022

  • Region: Veneto


    Appellation: Bardolino


    Wine Type: Rose Wine


    Varietal(s): Corvina, Veronese


    Alc %: 13%


    In the Glass: Fresh, fruity and floral to the nose, the notes of exotic fruit, white peach and cherry excite inhalation. A whole body, harmonious and at the same time well balanced in its acidity and sapidity fully felt on the palate. 


    Food Pairings: Great when enjoyed in spring and summer time at a cold temperature (8-10°C), a perfect way to really enjoy its fresh bouquet. Ideal when accompanied as an aperitif, by fresh fruit, with fish, fried dishes and all types of pasta sauces. Don’t forget though, it’s perfect match is Pizza!

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