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Live VIBRANTLY like Italians do! Celebrate everyday with our low-alcohol, semi-sweet, bubbly wines.


Vivace! Sweet Red is great in cocktails!  Try one of our recipes today:

The Milan-Hattan

Dolce Vita Margarita

Veni Vidi Vici


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Vivace! Sweet Red

  • Region: Piemonte


    Appellation: Monteferrato


    Wine Type: Sparkling


    Varietal(s): Brachetto


    Alc %: 5%


    In the Glass: Medium intensity, ruby red. Very delicate, fruity, lightly spicy. Delicate from dry to sweet.


    Food Pairings: It is a sparkling wine to drink at any time. Pairs well with pastries, dry pasta, or cold cuts and cheese. Can be drunk as an aperitif or served with fresh fruit. It’s natural sweetness makes it great for preparing cocktails with bitters and vermouth.