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Castello di Monastero Vin Santo del Chianti 'Lunanuova' 2006

  • Region: Toscana


    Appellation: Chianti Classico


    Wine Type: White Wine


    Varietal(s): Malvasia 80%, Trebbiano 20%


    Alc %: 14.5%


    In the Glass: It has a penetrating aroma of raisins and dried figs; on  the palate it has overtones of aromatic honey and tobacco, with a  good balance between sweetness and acidity. The wine is further  aged in the bottle to harmonise the structure of Trebbiano with the  sweetness and aromas of Malvasia.


    Food Pairings: It goes well with pecorino and mature cheeses and  gorgonzola, dried and candied fruit, intense chocolate, dry or  almond pastries, such as the typical “Cantucci Toscani”, and  puddings. To accompany meals and a meditative wine.